Richard and Liz were recently nominated for the Local Partnership / Community Award. This was in recognition of the work we do in supporting Sense deafblind holiday groups who visit each summer holiday. Sense have been using our facilities for about 7 years during which time about 70 youngsters have stayed at Macaroni Wood. All these children are deafblind and quite often they have other disabilities as well. They need one-to-one care for the duration of their stay. Liz and Richard provide help and support to all these groups during their stay and it the co-ordinator of the holiday team who put them forward for this award.

There were 7 awards in total. More than 2000 nominations were received so to be short-listed for the award was an achievement in itself. The ceremony was in a London hotel on Wednesday 21st June and I am delighted to say that Liz & Richard won the award for their category. They were presented with a very nice glass plaque and a certificate by Richard Wilson (better known as Victor Meldrew).

This is the first time in 29 years that the work of Richard & Liz has been recognised in such a way so they were delighted to receive this award.