Steve Roberts and Harry Stoopman of The Panther Owners Club are preparing to ride their vintage motorcycles around Great Britain to raise money for the project.

Leaving a Panther Club Rally in Orcheston near Stonehenge on May 2nd the intrepid duo will ride their 1950’s Panther Model 100’s around the north, south, East and West extremities of mainland Britain. These “Four Points” will be visited in the following order:
The Lizard (Cornwall), Point of Ardnamurchan (Argyll), Dunnet Head (Highland) and Lowestoft Ness (suffolk), a total of about 2200 miles.

They already have a number of sponsors and are hoping to raise lots of money for us. If you would like to add your support contact Steve at and join the fun.

The Panther Owners Club have already supported our work and we really need to thank Bob & Penny Warren at The Trout Inn in Lechlade for making the connection for us. We will add to this story as it develops and Steve will be adding a few words of his own and pictures after the event. Perhaps we will make a blockbuster film of it at a later date…or has that been done already?