It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were telling you all about Dylan and now we have to give you even more sad news. Beauty, faithful companion and best friend of Dylan, has also had to be put to sleep. She collapsed while on a short ride and it would appear she suffered from some sort of heart problem. She may have had a heart attack. This, coupled with a serious chest problem which developed into fluid on her lungs within 24 hours, left her very, very poorly and left us with no choice but to ask the vet to put her to sleep.

Beauty had been here for 24 years and was very much Liz’ horse and very much a part of the Centre. She is going to be greatly missed. Both horses represented Macaroni Wood to so many people and they had both been ridden by literally thousands of our visitors.

At least two people, including our farrier, had suggested that she may not last long after Dylan died and who knows, perhaps she pined away for him. It certainly seemed that she went downhill quite quickly after we lost him. In any event her going represents the end of an era, almost a quarter of a century of having horses at the Centre.