It’s been in incredibly busy start to the year and we’re now at full capacity with new groups arriving every week, it’s great to see so many new faces enjoying Macaroni Wood.

In April we’ve had the pleasure of hosting the following…

Deptford Green School


Macaroni Wood is even a great place to study, as Deptford Green School found out. Last year their low cost revision weekend resulted in exam results jumping from 55% to 72% success rate, for which the teacher held Macaroni Wood responsible. We accept the blame!

DSC_0949 (2)


Dalmain Athletic Girls Football Club…

and 3 other school teams recently came to Macaroni Wood for a weekend of intensive footballing fun!



Watergate School

Whilst they have been here before, it was about 20 years ago!
Group leader, Clare, said: “Macaroni Wood is a very special place for our Lewisham children, all of whom have severe learning difficulties. It was the first time some of them had EVER been away from their parents, and they loved every minute of being here”.