The sports hall in the woodyard building is now complete and has been used by groups staying at the centre during 2011.  They think it is great!  We  have used our own funds and a grant from the Woodward Trust of £10,000 to carry out the work.

Catch 22 team photo

Great finish!

The latest development is that Adrian and Sarah Jackson have kindly volunteered to do some building work on the entrance and lobby area and we have, of course, taken them up on their offer.  They are keen supporters of Macaroni Wood andheard about the building appeal through our Chair of Trustees, Naomi Vann.   We should have two loos and plastered walls and ceilings by the end of the summer.  We still have some way to go to finish the entire project but we will continue to fundraise and will get there in the end as the completed unit will be a great resource for all the groups who come and stay at Macaroni Wood.

We will keep you posted on how we get on.