We’ve just had Lucas Vale Primary School down to visit for 3 days and they got up to lots of exciting activities.

First of all, we went apple picking in Eastleach and picked up hundreds of apples for the micro pigs at Macaroni Wood.

Then we went blackberry picking up on the old Southrop airfield. The airfield was constructed and used during World War II and the buildings we stayed in at Macaroni Wood were used as homes for the airmen who worked there.

Once we’d picked all this fresh fruit we then went back to Macaroni Wood and baked some delicious cakes and pies in the kitchen.

They look lovely don’t they!


Here’s some comments from the kids about what they like the most during their stay:

  • “Putting the marshmallows in the fire”
  • “Going in the woods and biking down the hill”
  • “I liked when I got stuck in the wood and the pigs came after us”
  • “Feeding the animals”

It was great having Lucas Vale Primary School stay and we hope to see them again real soon!

Until next time.