Unfortunately more sad news today. Chris Evans, a regular visitor to the woods died recently. His partner Andy Stuart, was a Trustee of the project for many years and Chris always came with her to meetings here and helped out around the place on a weekend or when there was a fete on – when he was happy to spend an entire afternoon leading Dylan the pony through the woodland paths, giving screaming children pony rides – when nobody else was keen to do it! He was a teacher in Lewisham and he also came with primary school groups from the schools he worked at.

We understand from the family that there is to be a memorial for him on Saturday 17th May from 4pm at Hilly Fields Park cafe from 4pm, with a BBQ and music from 6pm. Chris had asked that anyone wishing to donate can do so to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture – see www.christopherjohnevans.com, www.macaroniwood.org.uk or through the NACV Facebook page. Chris was a big fan of Macaroni Wood and wanted any donations to go towards our work. We thank the family for this generous thought and offer our condolences at this sad time – especially for as it comes so soon after the passing of another close friend and colleague of the Woods, Richard “Mac” MacVicar.


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