Below are details on the costs for Macaroni Wood. If you are looking to book please first call us on 01367 850 356 to check for availability or contact us via our contact form.

As part of the booking procedure you must have read our Health & Safety Policy.

Bazley House

Lewisham Groups

Every group will be charged £100 per night (regardless of the number of people in the groups up to a maximum of 27) plus a charge for the use of the bikes and games room and recycling (see below). You will be invoiced for the full cost of your residential visit when your booking has been accepted by us and prompt payment will be required.

Non-Lewisham Groups

Non-Lewisham groups pay £15.00 per person per night and there is a minimum charge of £210 per night (i.e. for 14 people)

Castree House

All Groups

All groups  pay £15.00 per person per night and there is a minimum charge of £150 per night (i.e. for 10 people)

Private bookings

Private bookings for families and other types of groups are available in Castree House for weekends throughout the year and occasionally  available in Bazley House during the winter months.   Our charges are £25 per person per night.  There is no charge for children under the age of 3 but minimum numbers  for paying guests are 10 in Castree House and 14 in Bazley House.  There are no additional charges for private bookings.

Additional charges for all groups are:

Laundry – £1 per person
Bikes and games room – £50 per week or £25 per weekend
Recycling – £5 per group visit