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Here are just some of the comments that we received from visitors to Macaroni Wood

Macaroni Wood is a very special place …..One of the parents from St James FLC

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Just to say a big THANK YOU from myself and all the families who came to Macaroni Wood for the weekend on the 1st July. We all had a great weekend and many of the parents and children would love to come back to Macaroni Wood again. The parents commented on how comfortable and relaxed you made them feel. They were impressed with the accommodation and facilities that Macaroni Wood provides. The weekend had many benefits for both adults and children. As well as giving children the chance to play outdoors safely it has encouraged a greater sense of community and support between familiesJulie Rush – St James FLC Parent & Under 5 Group

We’ve had a fantastic time. It’s been wonderful staying here at Macaroni Wood. Thank you so much. The kids had a brilliant time. We will definitely be back next year.St Christopher’s Fellowship

Thank you for a fantastic few days. What an adventure for the children and adults. An experience me and my kids will never forget!! Brilliant – hope to come again. Parent from Limelight Family Learning Centre

My experience was the best experience I have ever had of everything I have ever did. I liked the quad bikes, normal bikes the fact I was allowed chocolate spread and coco pops and that we could stay up until 11 o’clock when my bedtime is 8 o’clock. I liked the rooms, the living room and the best thing I liked was the games room Marcel – Goldsmiths Youth Club

As ever it is always a pleasure to be here, it makes the children step back from the aggression and speed of their normal lives. A joy – many thanksLadywell Adventure Playground

A heartfelt thanks on behalf of all of us for what was a wonderful stay at Macaroni Wood. Everyone benefitted enormously in so many ways. One parent commented that it was her first holiday away with her boys and she thoroughly enjoyed it. All agreed that it provided a most beautiful, tranquil setting for families to relax, bond with their children and participate in family activities with staff. All came away with memories of a wonderful weekend, one that we will never forget!Catford High School – Genesis Project

I really did have a nice time at Macaroni Wood. Thank you for taking us on the night walk. I really did enjoy the night walk and I did enjoy staying at Macaroni Wood for a school trip and I really hope I can come again and did like the bonfire that Liz helped with and thank you for telling us the story about Harry Nash and I really did enjoy myselfPupil from Brent Knoll School

Thank you for a great holiday. My favourite part was riding the bikes and going to the Wildlife Park. I liked feeding the chickens and the pigs. I enjoyed the week and I would like to come again soon.Michael from Lewisham College Pre-Vac Group